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Issue #1443
Submitter:Dodds Pringle
Date submitted:2020-10-27
Issue class:Project stopper
Short description:Geocoding of external data sets
Long description:Good day
Is there a faciclity in PlanetGIS 5.2 to geocoding of external data against physical address details.
If available what is the maximium physical street addresses which can be geocoded at a time
What is the correct layout of the physical street address to ease geocoding process.
If geocoding is not available in PlanetGIS Prof 5.2 which software can you recommend to run geocoding process of about 3 million distinct physical addresses.
I used MapInfo Geocoding some time agao (15 years).
Will appreciate your kind and urgent assistance please.
Dodds Pringle
Software version:5.2.19


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