Planet Geographic Information Systems
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The following products are available for purchase online:

Currency:  Prices exclude VAT.
Product New Upgrade Updates*
PlanetGIS Downloads Subscription (1 year)60  
PlanetGIS User licences   
Cloud services   
Data stream (1 year; up to 20,000,000 changes)340  
Additional traffic (10,000,000 changes)140  
PlanetGIS Server   
Server licence300020001000/1500

Updates is an annual (33%) or biennial (25%/year) fee for updates from this website; the first year is included for a new licence or upgrade.

Upgrade is an ad hoc alternative to paying for yearly updates and includes one year of updates. (33% discount on price for a new licence).

A Solo licence is for desktop PlanetGIS used independently from other users.

A Specialist licence is for desktop PlanetGIS with database synchronization plus Explorer+, Mobile or App (all four, by same user).

An Operator licence is for unlimited capturing with Explorer+, Mobile or App (all three, by same user).