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Frequently Asked Questions

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Q:“What does your software cost?
A:“PlanetGIS Explorer is free.

The costs of other products are shown on this page: order.php. You can use that page to calculate the cost in different currencies and you will see that adding more users leads to a sliding scale.

Orders can be placed on our web site or through TGIS. You can also generate an instant quotation on the same page.

You can view the differences between the different editions of PlanetGIS on this page: featurematrix.php.
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Q:“Are updates included in the license fee?
A:“Yes. A license includes one year of updates from our website, even major version updates. Thereafter yearly updates are optional.
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Q:“I would like to make my own maps with PlanetGIS. Which version do I need and what cost am I looking at?
A:“PlanetGIS Explorer allows you to combine and customize existing Planet maps. To capture your own features, you need PlanetGIS Professional/Enterprise. Trial versions of the latter will provide you with full functionality for several months (usually around 3 or 4) after which you won't be able to save changes to your projects.

PlanetGIS Enterprise is for large organizations or for connectivity to Oracle or MS SQL Server databases. Enterprise is also required for managing handheld data collectors running PlanetGIS.

The prices are here: order.php and the differences outlined here: featurematrix.php
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Q:“I need PlanetGIS on more than one computer, but I will be the only one using it. Do I need additional licenses?
A:“No, as long as you are the only user you can install PlanetGIS on as many computers as you like. You can also register each of your installations.
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Q:“My updates have expired. What are my options?
A:“If your updates have expired recently (less than a year ago), you can still buy a year of updates. The update period will start when the previous one ended, so you will have less than a year's updates going forward. One year of updates costs 25% of the license fee.

If your updates have expired between one and two years ago, you can buy two years of updates which is still only 50% of the license fee.

If your updates have expired more than two years ago, you need to buy an upgrade which is at a 33% discount. This upgrade includes one year of updates.
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Q:“We would like to use PlanetGIS in our school/university. Do you have special pricing for academic users?
A:“Yes. Firstly, each student can download a trial version and will receive their own trial license. The trial version will be fully functional for at least three months. The trial license allows for web updates of up to six months, and newer versions will have extended expiry dates. This can give you an effective nine months of fully functional use, which is adequate for the majority of students.

For schools/colleges/etc that require more, we allow a single license to be used by unlimited students of the same teacher. The only requirement is that the software must be registered to a particular teacher (this can change over time) and support will only be given to that teacher and/or her appointed assistant.
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Q:“Is PlanetGIS Free or Open Source Software?
A:“No. We are very supportive of the Open Source movement and PlanetGIS would not have existed if it was not for the excellent open source components that are used inside PlanetGIS.

Thousands of users are successfully using the free PlanetGIS Explorer or the trial versions of the more advanced editions, so there is a lot of value available at no cost.
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Q:“I noticed the unit price per user comes down when the number increases. Do these users all have to sit in the same office?
A:“Not necessarily. Generally we prefer that the users at least have regular contact with each other. In such an environment users tend to help each other (especially important when a new person joins the team) and this brings down the costs related to supporting the product. However, in some cases we have an agreement with clients that any support issues will be funneled through a single contact, even though users are geographically dispersed.
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Q:“Can I use the software after updates expired?
A:“Yes. Purchased software doesn't expire, access to updates does.
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