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1450 6.3 detected as virus pup 2022-03-07 Project stopper Open
1446 Project with Raster images stopped working. 2021-12-02 Project stopper Open
1445 menu toolbar not displaying / items in the display manager cannot be opened. 2021-10-04 Project stopper Open
1443 Geocoding of external data sets 2020-10-27 Project stopper Open
1398 exporting raster images to CAD 2017-10-19 Project stopper Open
1451 Cant zoom away from features 2022-04-07 Urgent bug Open
1439 Copying features that include photographs, loose the photograph in the new feature 2019-11-10 Urgent bug Open
1401 Fixed label placement not working during export 2017-11-16 Urgent bug Open
1399 .png printing black 2017-10-30 Urgent bug Open
1454 Zoom function 2022-09-28 Urgent feature request Open
1440 OpenStreetMap Update 2019-11-12 Urgent feature request Open
1433 Line Offset Function 2018-10-05 Urgent feature request Open
1403 Labels to be on multiple lines 2018-01-17 Urgent feature request Open
1402 Labels to be on multiple lines 2018-01-17 Urgent feature request Open
1197 Browser based mapping 2015-08-14 Urgent feature request Open
1196 Export map or portion of map to GeoTiff and/or GeoPDF 2015-08-14 Urgent feature request Open
1091 Attach databse link 2014-08-21 Urgent feature request Open
1034 IJP export to GeoTIFF 2014-07-25 Urgent feature request Open
1076 If I change the coordinate system, then all the 2014-05-12 Annoyance/time waste Open
1075 Every time I download something from the GPS, I have to close the program completely, before running it again and downloading any further data 2014-05-12 Annoyance/time waste Open
1009 Delete duplicate entities not working properly 2014-05-07 Minor bug Open
1449 2022-02-14 Suggested improvement Open
1201 Allow saved location to be associated with a feature label 2015-12-28 Suggested improvement Open
1195 Combining fields to create a label 2015-07-25 Suggested improvement Open
1151 CSV export options: eg. semicolon for Excel 2015-04-07 Suggested improvement Open
1131 In the symbol library the triangles are not inserted on center 2014-11-21 Suggested improvement Open
1054 Update/regenerate queries after shape/csv/db import 2014-08-07 Suggested improvement Open
1045 "Create local copy" option when selecting a style for an external feature 2014-08-04 Suggested improvement Open
1078 If I import the waypoints using the GPS function, it will allow me to select the required feature to import the information for the waypoints, but restricts the 2014-05-12 Suggested improvement Open
1077 How can one download the waypoints and have them referenced at the same time? 2014-05-12 Suggested improvement Open
1074 GPS - To import this information, the projection has to be set to latitude/longitude 2014-05-12 Suggested improvement Open
1002 Detail table: If detail table is created as group or detail table have sub tables. The tables are not visible to be used in thematic queries. 2014-05-07 Suggested improvement Open
1455 Erven Labels move to incorrect location when Exporting 2022-11-03 Feature request Open
1453 Good day i am looking for 5 meter contours around Overstrand Municipality - (Rooiels) the 5 m contours does not cover this area 2022-09-15 Feature request Open
1448 Zooming in and out function not working 2022-02-10 Feature request Open
1447 REMOVING REGISTRATIONS FROM ACCOUNT 2022-01-13 Feature request Open
1444 2021-02-03 Feature request Open
1441 Export to SVG 2020-01-24 Feature request Open
1438 How can i locate my site of interest with the app? 2019-04-12 Feature request Open
1437 How can i locate my site of interest with the app? 2019-04-12 Feature request Open
1400 Spell Check 2017-11-13 Feature request Open
1396 Test button for scripts to check if all SQL is valid 2017-04-06 Feature request Open
1350 Floating (and print frame) image: alignment when scaled 2017-01-30 Feature request Open
1323 Ability to add a symbol (shape/image) behind labels and optionally size them relative to text size 2016-06-06 Feature request Open
1200 A mosaic from geo referenced photos. 2015-09-10 Feature request Open
1193 Display coordinates on the map 2015-07-14 Feature request Open
1109 Select all in display manager should use spatial index (for thematic query layers) 2014-09-10 Feature request Open
1101 Join features on Key1 2014-09-02 Feature request Open
1092 Export in database manager 2014-08-21 Feature request Open
1024 Rasters reproject, jpeg2000 laai and export to geotiff 2014-05-07 Feature request Open
1023 Option to change table to use in Topology functions under Tools in Design 2014-05-07 Feature request Open
1022 On merging: can we have dialog box showing, what was merged? Also what been sucsesful or not. 2014-05-07 Feature request Open
1003 Database Manager: m_dataentry, if csv or tables from other db is imported, the m_dataentrytable is not being updated, preventing user from using table as normal 2014-05-07 Feature request Open

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Recently fixed bugs and implemented features:

FIXED: Reproject to different coordinate system broken in recent versions

FIXED: Locality map: when setting the darkening percentage to 0 it doesn't save
FIXED: Why can
FIXED: GPX files exported from Planet not recognized in MapSource, etc.
FIXED: Map book pages (generate + print) only works in a projected coordinates system

FIXED: KML import not working properly

FIXED: Save-as doesn't work properly in v4

IMPLEMENTED: Support for square figure capturing - eg rooftops
FIXED: Detail table: index showing field type instead of name for MySQL table
FIXED: Detail table: Field types stay Unknown if fields are added to Field type
FIXED: Write out detail table with shapefile dbf
FIXED: Save as jpeg with printframes creates a small map in top-left corner

IMPLEMENTED: Table content in Design should filter if filter set for table
FIXED: Hyperlinks on multiple record one-to-many detail
FIXED: Reading text field as float produces garbage
FIXED: Characters like superscript 2 (squared) in field names produces errors in the SQLite driver
FIXED: All rows->Copy to clipboard does nothing
FIXED: All rows->Open as spreadsheet only exports 1000 rows
FIXED: Deleting rows (features) doesn't delete rows in the attribute table
FIXED: Deleting multiple feature subclasses fails with Access Violation
FIXED: "Build Filter" wizard doesn't quote field names, problem with spaces
FIXED: Build Filter wizard test results not working correctly
FIXED: Build Filter wizard doesn't open in Table Properties
FIXED: Multiple issues with Attribute Select
FIXED: When "load all" on very large tables, multiple errors after "out of memory"
FIXED: CSV import - changing comma, quote and encoding doesn't reload CSV with changed settings
FIXED: Cannot import *.txt comma separated files
FIXED: Tab separated CSV/text doesn't import correctly
FIXED: One-to-many in Info - multiple records are treated like one-to-one in 4.1.60+
FIXED: Tabular view of detail table in Info not working

FIXED: Cannot save empty string in Access detail table (erase existing value and post)
FIXED: Special fields (images/documents) not working in 4.1

FIXED: If I capture a new feature, include a label for it, then move it straight away to a new position, the label is lost and I have to re-enter it
FIXED: Feature count on a thematic layer should return feature count from the index, not total
FIXED: CSV import: long string of digits (18+) should not create a FLOAT column, but TEXT
FIXED: Multiple issues with capturing features while Info tab is open

IMPLEMENTED: MS Sql 2012 connection
FIXED: Complete rectangle should work from first point if three points were captured
FIXED: Label on "Length" doesn't work; also subclass.FeatureId
FIXED: Create buffer shouldn't have "empty feature class" option - too easy to accidentally empty
FIXED: CSV import: numbers with leading zeroes must be interpreted as text
FIXED: CSV import (database manager): create new table still empties and adds to existing table
FIXED: CSV import: the word "NULL" should import as NULL (blank)

FIXED: Oracle 11gR2 Connection
FIXED: Detail tables (one-to-one) on multiple selection does not update for all rows
FIXED: Detail tables of detail tables (2nd+ level) not working correctly
FIXED: Duplicate feature class: table name not updated resulting in error if deleting rows immediately after

FIXED: Scale isn't correct when returning from print preview to normal mode
FIXED: 4.2 doesn't save changes to features, only new features
FIXED: Capture new feature - not reflected in updatelog

FIXED: Copy polygon to feature class that accepts polygons and other types produces "cannot accept" error
FIXED: Cannot export data to spreadsheet from table view of attributes
FIXED: Join & union: cannot select FeatureId to retain
FIXED: Union: need to union a feature by itself if multiple parts persist after first union of many

FIXED: Error in SQL script causes hang
FIXED: Filter in Select query not working with SQL detail table
FIXED: Thematic (group) query on points create styles without fonts
FIXED: Copying a single feature to a different feature class prompts "do you want to make a duplicate"

IMPLEMENTED: Thematic queries complete redesign
IMPLEMENTED: Dropper tool to capture a colour on screen for style colours (fills/pens/etc)
FIXED: "Build Filter" wizard doesn't work in group query
FIXED: Lookup List not displaying in Info Tab
FIXED: Multiple monitors: when maximized to second monitor, Planet opens on main monitor when launched again
FIXED: Open box doesn't display common image formats when selecting an image for a symbol, eg. PNG
FIXED: Cannot update Access tables without primary key, but unique key does exist

IMPLEMENTED: Option to label invisible features (in display options)
IMPLEMENTED: Selection must also show vertices (coordinates) and a better fill to improve visibility of other features/labels in polygon
FIXED: Attributes of multiple feature selection doesn't show tabular view
FIXED: "Show raster images as polygons" not working anymore

IMPLEMENTED: Need a way to see the number of selected features
IMPLEMENTED: Shapefile import option for Key1 field
IMPLEMENTED: Rotate 90 degrees on photographs added in photo tab
IMPLEMENTED: Import geo-tagged photograhps - read Exif data to obtain position, plot point feature and add photograph in photographs tab
IMPLEMENTED: Import photographs referenced in GPX files
IMPLEMENTED: Auto-rotate photos when imported, based on orientation in Exif tag
FIXED: Shapefile export on feature classes with multiple types, eg points & lines

IMPLEMENTED: Improvements in styles automatically created for thematic queries
FIXED: Contour text dissappearing
FIXED: Thematic queries are not regenerated automatically if .q2d file is missing/deleted
FIXED: Changing allowed types on feature class doesn't update display allowed types
FIXED: Styles on group queries disappearing after close & reopen

FIXED: Capture image by indicating diagonal not working correctly
FIXED: Info tab, "tabular view" displays nothing

FIXED: Minor bugfixes and simplifications with print frames

FIXED: CSV import not working

IMPLEMENTED: Drag-and-drop files onto attribute fields to capture a relative path
IMPLEMENTED: New visibility option: "Draft" for quick drawing style elements
IMPLEMENTED: Drag-and-drop photographs onto photos tab (from Explorer)
FIXED: Date field incorrect after using calendar (Access)

FIXED: CSV import: determining column type not working if decimal separator is comma
FIXED: Sizing frames not checked in map popup menu when they are active
FIXED: Tools->Parts/Generate/Calculate menu missing on Planet 4 projects
FIXED: DXF export: unlabeled points export with text height which AutoCAD doesn't accept

IMPLEMENTED: Add displays and zoom extents after import
IMPLEMENTED: Zoom extents when adding a feature class as a display
IMPLEMENTED: Improved zoom extents on group displays, thematic layers
FIXED: When using Window menu to go to Design, map is unresponsive upon return
FIXED: Access violation on Range query on detail table
FIXED: Out of memory when importing 200+ photographs

IMPLEMENTED: When upgrading a project to Planet 4, dBase detail tables must be automatically imported into the project database
FIXED: Unselect in Select tab doesn't clear tags
FIXED: Dates save incorrectly to Access tables
FIXED: Problems with Attribute select
FIXED: Labels not showing
FIXED: Capture image by indicating diagonal sometimes does nothing

IMPLEMENTED: Option to recreate styles when editing the main style of a group or range query
IMPLEMENTED: Show coordinate system next to coordinates (bottom-right on the screen)
IMPLEMENTED: Change coordinate display (XY/lat-long/minutes/seconds) by clicking on the coordinate display (bottom-right of the screen)
IMPLEMENTED: Remove names from tabs on the right (icons only) if screen is resized too small for tabs to fit
IMPLEMENTED: Open a folder in Explorer from a link attribute field
IMPLEMENTED: Option to draw symbols at tag point(/centroid) of polygons, e.g. a P symbol on a parking area
IMPLEMENTED: A pen with symbols (interpolated along a line) must not start the first symbol at a vertice (symbols on vertices is a separate option)
IMPLEMENTED: Enter coordinate: alternative option to enter a lat/long on a projected coordinate system or a x/y on a geographic coordinate system with secondary system
IMPLEMENTED: Zoom to same location in different map not working if coordinate systems are not the same
IMPLEMENTED: Add "Spherical Mercator" coordinate system (Google/Bing/etc online maps) to "World" area of use
IMPLEMENTED: Attach a pdf file to a feature
FIXED: Selection by attribute not working
FIXED: Access violation when upgrading to Planet 4 (project with .dbf detail tables)
FIXED: Closing a secondary map should not remove it from Design mode

FIXED: List index out of bounds after drawing map (related to labels)
FIXED: When switching view from OpenStreetMap before it has finished drawing, the new view also has the blue background

IMPLEMENTED: For multiple selections, show feature selected in Info tab with different style (highlight)
IMPLEMENTED: Show progress (with stop) for containment & proximity select
FIXED: Selecting features without showing yellow tag on map
FIXED: Cannot select a feature if "Allow to be tagged" is disabled in Display properties (but allow selected is checked)
FIXED: Containment select: "No area feature selected" when feature class can also contain points
FIXED: Changing properties of content (eg. locality map) doesn't put project in modified state (Save button remains inactive)
FIXED: Locality map with different view doesn't save (reverts to current view)
FIXED: Access violation when duplicating a view

FIXED: Containment selection: Info tab not working
FIXED: Cannot capture data manually
FIXED: Edit->Duplicate without selected features, duplicates whole feature class and does not stop unless pressing Esc
FIXED: Scale, translate, etc. does not draw vector
FIXED: After capturing translation/scale/etc vector, another feature is sometimes selected where the mouse was clicked

IMPLEMENTED: New export format: .xyz (simple coordinates to text file)
FIXED: Changing the parent style of a thematic query does not cascade to the child styles

IMPLEMENTED: Photo manager: show feature class and Id to separate photos in multiple selection
IMPLEMENTED: Photo manager: print dates on top of photo thumbnails, background appropriate for colouring of underlying pixels
IMPLEMENTED: Photo manager: faster and flicker-free drawing of thumbnails
IMPLEMENTED: Photo manager: add own attributes to photographs, eg. description
IMPLEMENTED: Photo manager: many-to-many linking - copying a feature will have the new feature linked to the same photographs
IMPLEMENTED: Photo manager: filter many photos by feature/component class, tags & date
IMPLEMENTED: Photo manager: tags allow classification into a tree structure, eg. "Inventory\Initial survey" and multiple tags (; delimited) allow for same photo to be in more than one class
IMPLEMENTED: Document manager: link features to any computer file or embed the file in the project database; no limit on amount of documents linked to a feature
IMPLEMENTED: Document manager: many-to-many links - link same document to multiple features
IMPLEMENTED: Document manager: duplicate documents (even with different names or locations) will not be stored, instead existing will be linked to (SHA1 hash is calculated)
IMPLEMENTED: Document manager: attributes (meta-data) Title, Author, Description, Date, Tags and user defined attributes
IMPLEMENTED: Document manager: filter many documents by feature/component class, tags & date
IMPLEMENTED: Document manager: bulk import will create tags from directory structure; structure recreated in tags filter
FIXED: Field to be able to add comment to photo and lookup field for fixed description

IMPLEMENTED: Bulk import of documents in Database Manager
IMPLEMENTED: Drop text of tabs on right if not enough space, replace with hover-over hint
IMPLEMENTED: Prevent internal storage of duplicate documents & photographs by calculating SHA1 hash key

IMPLEMENTED: Options window for emptying different aspects of database (photos, logs, etc)
IMPLEMENTED: Add support for BigTiff (64 bit TIFF)
IMPLEMENTED: SQL scripts marked as public appears in main menu next to Tools
IMPLEMENTED: Export to CSV: option to export line/polygons

IMPLEMENTED: Reconnect to project database if connection to network was lost
IMPLEMENTED: Index orthophoto (create IJP) after indicating second corner (currently one has to wait after indicating the first corner)
FIXED: Proper scaling of sketches in Sketches tab

IMPLEMENTED: Allow importing of lat/long (CSV/shapefile/etc) into x/y projected coordinate system
IMPLEMENTED: Use secondary coordinate system to import x/y into geographic coordinate system projects
IMPLEMENTED: Shapefile import: new "Reproject" tab if project is lat/long and shapefile is X/Y
IMPLEMENTED: KML: import into X/Y project
IMPLEMENTED: KML export: label lines and polygons in Google Earth
IMPLEMENTED: KML export: add option to disable hover highlight
FIXED: KML (Google Earth): Fix attribute balloon export

IMPLEMENTED: Import lines & polygons from CSV and databases containing a coordinate per row
FIXED: Locate a land parcel stopped working in recent versions

FIXED: Restore down button doesn't reduce the size of the active window
FIXED: Panorama viewer stopped working since 4.4

IMPLEMENTED: Make mouse wheel work anywhere without focusing, e.g. zoom on map, then zoom displays/info/anything without changing focus by clicking
IMPLEMENTED: Drag-and-drop files into Documents tab

IMPLEMENTED: Make mouse wheel scroll contents if Info tab
IMPLEMENTED: Remember restored position of main window even if maximized, also on second monitor
IMPLEMENTED: Replace scale trackbar with more efficient and smaller one
IMPLEMENTED: When using the mouse wheel continuously, skip alternating levels for faster zooming

IMPLEMENTED: Add horizontal and vertical spacing for fonts
IMPLEMENTED: Save changes to photo attributes
IMPLEMENTED: Photo thumbnails scaled by 1/4 if less than 1000 pixels (instead of 1/8)
FIXED: East-West and North-South scrollbars sometimes get stuck and keep scrolling
FIXED: Tools->Change labels to.. not working
FIXED: Photos not refreshing after rotate
FIXED: .map backup stopped working in recent versions
FIXED: Issues when changing the type of a thematic query once it has been generated

IMPLEMENTED: When editing features, only select polygons by their edges, not inside
IMPLEMENTED: Fetch only used columns on thematic queries (increases speed)
IMPLEMENTED: Function to delete detail table orphaned records (not linked to features)

IMPLEMENTED: Jump to component/action class in Data entry
IMPLEMENTED: Improvements in setting up mapbook pages
IMPLEMENTED: Floating objects appear in default locations, not top-left and not necessarily square
IMPLEMENTED: Add all page references in their correct positions in one click
IMPLEMENTED: Duplicate a floating object
FIXED: Export to KMZ doesn't work (KML does)
FIXED: Mapbook doesn't print at constant scale

IMPLEMENTED: Import Geometries from MySQL/MariaDb
IMPLEMENTED: Add database-specific function to retrieve WKB values from geometry fields, eg. As_WKB in Oracle, ST_AsWKB
FIXED: Goto saved location with a point & scale doesn't work in recent versions
FIXED: Eliminate redrawing of maps when switching between maps and/or design mode
FIXED: Oracle error messages unreadable
FIXED: MySQL connection crashes Planet since 4.4 (when listing tables)

IMPLEMENTED: Make text spacing work on the label of line features
IMPLEMENTED: Change font and colours of page references
FIXED: Text alignment not perfect when labelling points and lines
FIXED: Mouse cursor doesn't get the added + when clicking Ctrl after beginning a drag select

IMPLEMENTED: Print photos with Windows' "Print Pictures" application
IMPLEMENTED: Add print, copy to clipboard, save to file and adjust brightness/contrast buttons to photo viewer
FIXED: Hidden lookup lists are still selectable
FIXED: Build filter "test" tab gives SQL error on Access detail table
FIXED: Fills with shapes make Planet hang if the shapes are 0 pixels wide

IMPLEMENTED: Direct printing of documents
IMPLEMENTED: "Save as" for documents
IMPLEMENTED: Add buttons to documents and photo attributes for open, save, print, copy to clipboard
FIXED: "Add attribute" not working for photos and documents
FIXED: Photo attributes repeated for subclasses in Info tab
FIXED: <Enter> doesn't post changes in photo and document attributes window and <Esc> doesn't cancel - have to use buttons

FIXED: Text-only labels sometimes overlap when overlapping is not allowed
FIXED: Tool to orientate points/text to line features not working

IMPLEMENTED: Double-click on table to enter "Edit rows" (Design/Database manager)
FIXED: When doing "locate on map" from Design mode or Database manager, the selection is shown but the map isn't redrawn
FIXED: Property locator's township name or farm name is cleared when selecting erf no or portion
FIXED: Document thumbnails are sometimes blank
FIXED: "Edit rows" in Design/Database manager doesn't work properly with lookup tables

IMPLEMENTED: When language settings set to use comma for the decimal separator, also allow input of coordinates and measurements with decimal point
IMPLEMENTED: Double-click document thumbnail to open the document (skip metadata screen)
FIXED: Lookup tables cannot be set to blank in Edit rows (and list too short)
FIXED: Lines with dash patterns sometimes "jump" all over the place (since about 5.0.13)
FIXED: PDF thumbnails are sometimes upside-down
FIXED: Text not displayed in v3 maps
FIXED: When upgrading a v2/v3 map, text features are garbled ("Chinese")

IMPLEMENTED: Info tab: need to left-click before you can right-click on the tree
IMPLEMENTED: Regenerate indexes and queries from SQL script
IMPLEMENTED: Actions must be able to be linked to multiple features/components
FIXED: After saving v3 map with Planet file, "file is not a valid PlanetGIS project"

IMPLEMENTED: Function to replace the geometry of one feature with that of another (updated) feature, so that attributes can remain attached to original feature
IMPLEMENTED: Add an action on multiple features/components
FIXED: Since 5.0.18, sometimes on saving a map an "Access Violation" occurs and unable to open the map afterwards. (This only happens with maps originally created between 2008-2012)
FIXED: Thematic queries not working when using detail tables linked to a higher level of feature class
FIXED: When adding photographs to a component (in Photos tab), photo is linked to feature but not component

IMPLEMENTED: PromptUser SQL function for getting user input before/while running SQL script
IMPLEMENTED: Import SQL function for importing results from any SQL SELECT on any database connection
IMPLEMENTED: ExecuteScript SQL function for executing scripts
IMPLEMENTED: Substitute variables before running SQL statement ($varname)
FIXED: KML export broken when feature classes have HTML characters in their names, e.g. &
FIXED: CSV export (open as spreadsheet) broken in Design mode

IMPLEMENTED: Reproject shapefile in lat/lon to current system
FIXED: Editing attributes in Design does not post changes if attribute row does not exist
FIXED: Map redraws a second time after copying features between projects

FIXED: Range queries on floating point values always round to integer
FIXED: Adding components in Info tab, adds for multiple features even when one FeatureId is selected

FIXED: Resurrect table display in floating objects and print frames
FIXED: Drag/duplicate feature doesn't show re-positioned feature any more
FIXED: Thematics with invalid fields cause errors when changing attributes in Info tab - not clear what source of error (thematic) is
FIXED: Range queries on floating point values doesn't work if the system locale has a comma for the decimal character
FIXED: Labelling on an SQL-based detail table doesn't work

IMPLEMENTED: Pie & bar thematic queries in 5.0
FIXED: Edit->Scale is broken

IMPLEMENTED: Import dBase 7 files (and shapefiles with v7 .dbf)
IMPLEMENTED: Display tiled TIFF files directly
FIXED: Save-as of photograph produces 0 size file

IMPLEMENTED: Batch import of CSV files in DB manager
IMPLEMENTED: Allow multiple "tabular view" windows to remain open (opened from Info tab)
FIXED: Regenerate indexes on a group feature class doesn't index group members
FIXED: Parcel locator doesn't select agricultural holdings
FIXED: CSV files starting with BOM (Byte Order Mark) imports strange characters in first field name; Planet must interpret the BOM to determine file format
FIXED: CSV import: blank row terminates importing; rather import empty row
FIXED: Display with both min and max scale limit ignores min limit
FIXED: Display tab: show all/hide all inconsistent on grouped displays (show all operates on group members)

IMPLEMENTED: Allow UNION SQL in detail table (key in more than one place in SQL)
IMPLEMENTED: Additional macros in floating/printframe text: central coordinate, filename
FIXED: GPS connected with serial port / USB not working

IMPLEMENTED: Shortcut to "Zoom to position/scale" by clicking on scale in status bar
IMPLEMENTED: $scale and $time macros for floating objects
IMPLEMENTED: PlanetGIS Explorer able to create new projects and customize existing projects in Design mode

IMPLEMENTED: Show satellite count and HDOP values next to version number when GPS is active
IMPLEMENTED: Zoom with "pinch" on touch screens

IMPLEMENTED: Set dimensions of floating objects/callouts based on proportions of contained image
IMPLEMENTED: Floating images: stretch or scale
IMPLEMENTED: Right-click on print frame to access properties
IMPLEMENTED: Simplify Print frame alignment: width and height on first tab and only relevant dimensions can be changed
IMPLEMENTED: Floating (and print frame) image: center when scaled
IMPLEMENTED: "Folders" for saved locations
IMPLEMENTED: "No to all" option when asked to locate external projects that are not present
IMPLEMENTED: PlanetGIS Explorer can import, export and do almost everything except capture
IMPLEMENTED: Display properties rearranged and simplified
FIXED: Detail tables cannot be selected for floating table
FIXED: Rearranging items in Design mode with drag-and-drop not always working correctly
FIXED: GPX & KML/Z import and export must use WGS84 coordinates if coordinate system uses a different ellipsoid (also importing geotagged JPEGs)
FIXED: Shapefile attributes (DBF) must not be assumed to be UTF8, only as option
FIXED: KML import broken if data doesn't contain altitudes (for example Planet's own exported KML)
FIXED: Master tables (Tables node in Design, "i" tables in Database Manager) have been resurrected!

IMPLEMENTED: Views, saved locations and zoom to same location in View main menu
FIXED: Arrow keys to pan, + and - zoom
FIXED: 5.1.0 Exports GPX when DXF is selected
FIXED: Access Violation when importing GPX (imports correctly though)

IMPLEMENTED: Tools->Maintenance->Upgrade to Planet 5 also in Explorer (plus in each project's menu in Design mode, all versions)
FIXED: Find window activates source project for external features, must stay in current project

IMPLEMENTED: Add larger scales for trackbar/mouse wheel, up to 1:1
FIXED: Cannot load GIF images for shapes, etc.
FIXED: Locate on map (from database/design) broken in 5.1.2
FIXED: Capturing JPEG images not working in 5.1

FIXED: Importing JPEG with worldfile results in feature with no coordinates
FIXED: Moving a feature class with subclasses to a newly created group feature class, causes duplicates
FIXED: Another issue with Locate on map

IMPLEMENTED: Import data into a group feature class (not just at the top level)
FIXED: Moving a large selection to another feature class takes very long
FIXED: Reverse transformation (e.g. Cape to WGS84) not working in 5.1
FIXED: View in Google Earth on non-WGS84 (e.g. Cape) maps
FIXED: Clipping multi-part lines (clipping with a polygon) doesn't work correctly

IMPLEMENTED: Hyperlink fields in Access also function as hyperlinks in Planet
IMPLEMENTED: Improved handling of Bluetooth GPS, e.g. Garmin GLO
IMPLEMENTED: Switch GPS on or off in menu bar (click on no of satellites button)
FIXED: Split here not working on line features in a feature class that also contain polygons
FIXED: Labeling lines without a pen

IMPLEMENTED: Button to scan all serial ports when setting up GPS for NMEA
IMPLEMENTED: Automatically add WKB column when importing from a table with spatial(geometry) column (Oracle and MSSQL)
FIXED: Oracle connection not working properly
FIXED: Error after clicking [Manage connections] to add database connection when importing features from a database

IMPLEMENTED: Right-click on FeatureId to copy the id to clipboard (Info tab)
IMPLEMENTED: Put FeatureId on clipboard whenever a feature is captured
IMPLEMENTED: Remember the last script that was selected for each database connection (and return to it automatically)
IMPLEMENTED: Restructure table: right-clicked column selected automatically
IMPLEMENTED: Locate on map for point features doesn't zoom in close enough (default scale of 1:5000 would be better)

IMPLEMENTED: "Contained by" - select polygons that enclose selected features
FIXED: (Design mode) Tools->Topology->Containment saves all relations instead of smallest/largest polygon

IMPLEMENTED: Import CSV when still open (locked) by spreadsheet application
IMPLEMENTED: CSV format settings for exporting CSV (retained for subsequent exports)
IMPLEMENTED: $projection macro in floating text (additional to $coordsys)

IMPLEMENTED: "Copy column" in tabular views when more than one row selected - CSV values or one value per line
IMPLEMENTED: Map selection reflected in database (temp.currentselection)
FIXED: Info tab tabular view not working on root feature class level

IMPLEMENTED: Named events: schedule imports (etc) can now have names and be run together
IMPLEMENTED: Add RunEvent script to initiate named events
IMPLEMENTED: Extend ExecuteScript function to allow script name (and check for duplicate names)
IMPLEMENTED: Control user privileges through database (groups table)
IMPLEMENTED: Menu item to paste (with confirm) values into a spreadsheet view of a table

FIXED: Batch print not working correctly

IMPLEMENTED: Context menu (right-click) for SQL editor: History, Find/Replace, SQL help
IMPLEMENTED: Line numbers for SQL editor

FIXED: Adding values to dropdown lists in Info tag not working

FIXED: Exporting 64 bit integers (requiring more than 32 bits) to shapefile (dbf) as text values

FIXED: Cannot import BLOB values from SQLServer

IMPLEMENTED: Faster JPEG compression & decompression using SIMD instructions on modern CPUs

IMPLEMENTED: Contents of SQL tabs preserved when closing projects
IMPLEMENTED: DXF import improvements

IMPLEMENTED: Auto scrolling when dragging in Design Mode
FIXED: Polygon clipping sometimes fails