Planet Geographic Information Systems
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PlanetGIS is a Geographic Information System (GIS) that focuses on efficient data collection and management and less on spatial analysis and design.


PlanetGIS Explorer is free, runs on Windows 10 or 11, and will allow you to easily

PlanetGIS Explorer can be licenced for a low fee to allow unlimited data capture. A licenced Explorer is referred to as Explorer+ and includes PlanetGIS Mobile for Windows tablets and an Android app for data collection.

The full version (simply, PlanetGIS) adds incredible power for designing a complete distributed database system for data collection, management, automated tasks, reporting, and even a web interface.

Getting Started

  1. Log in or create an account
  2. Download and install PlanetGIS Explorer
  3. Download the World map or other sample datasets
  4. Read the User Guide

Software Licences

A software licence is perpetual. Access to updates does expire and must be renewed after one year.

Licensing is per user, not per installation. A user may install PlanetGIS software on as many computers and devices as required for the user's work with Planet.

A licence is represented by a licence key, which is issued once to an organisation for each licencing level or when the name of the organisation changes. In most cases, the higher-level licence key should be used when installing software, regardless of the type of software. (The exception is separate Solo licences used by the organisation.)


An operator licence is for users that do data collection and maintenance but do not create new projects or alter the structure of existing projects. This licence can be used with Explorer (which turns it into Explorer+), Mobile or App.


A solo licence is for expert users that work mostly independently or create and customise projects for use by others that do not make any changes. This licence will typically only be used with the desktop PlanetGIS software, while produced maps (your data products) will typically be used with PlanetGIS Explorer. Nothing prevents a solo user, though, from installing PlanetGIS Explorer with a solo licence key (turning it into Explorer+ upon registration) as well as PlanetGIS Mobile, for use by the same user.

Solo replaces the previous Professional licence.


A specialist licence is for expert users that create and customise projects that are synchronized (viewed and modified by multiple users). Similar to Solo, the licence can be used to install PlanetGIS Explorer, Mobile and App for use by the same user. This licence will allow changes made by any of these applications to be synchronized.

PlanetGIS Explorer(+)

PlanetGIS Explorer is freely available and can be installed without a licence key. Explorer does not require registration, but registration with a licence will turn it into Explorer+. Explorer works exactly like the full desktop PlanetGIS but with fewer functions available. Explorer+ allows data capture exactly like the full version, as well as data synchronization (unless used with a Solo licence).

PlanetGIS Mobile

PlanetGIS Mobile is a simplified version of Explorer made for use on touch-screen devices running Windows 10 or 11. Mobile must be registered with an operator or specialist licence to synchronize changes with other devices.

PlanetGIS App

PlanetGIS App is an Android app that can be used to collect data on cellular devices running Android 9 or better. This app does not display a map but uses the GPS to select nearby features for which to collect data or capture locations that will appear as points on other applications.

The app is especially useful for attaching photographs to features and capturing point locations (optionally with photographs). Forms created in PlanetGIS work the same on the app, and whenever the app has an Internet connection, changes will be synchronized.

Software Updates

A software licence includes updates from this website for one year. Updates to new versions may be extended by purchasing web updates. The cost of web updates is 33% of the licence fee per year, or 25% per year for two years in advance.

Late renewal of updates is possible but expires one year from the expiration date of the prior update period (e.g., renewing 6 months late will only give you six more months of access to updates).

Software Upgrades

As an alternative to annual or biennial payments for updates, a year's worth of software updates may be purchased as an upgrade at a 33% discount.